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Apple juice press
   Apple Juice Maker | Apple Cider

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Apple Juice Maker

A modern convenience of the kitchen, an electric apple juice maker also can be a real cost-saver when it comes to keeping fresh and nutritious apple juice in your refrigerator. They come in stainless steel, oak or maple wood, or polypropylene plastic that is sterile and washable. The ergonomic design means the amateur cider maker can press his apple juice without hand or wrist-sprain. And these extractors do the job by crushing or grinding the apples so that a continuous stream of juice is strained from the pulp, as it is removed. The best electric juice makers make a gallon of cider from approximately one third of a bushel of apples, and antique manual presses do a good job, as well.

The juicers are constructed and operated using a variety of techniques to extract the juice. Some models use parts made from cast iron, while others use stainless steel. An electric hammermill shredder will get a lot more juice. A good sieve is essential, but a rack and class press also does an effective job. Electric hydraulic models are the best, as these apply a lot of force on the fruit to remove as much liquid as possible. Cracking and warping of wood components is eliminated by the use of laminated wood, and a tub made of polypropylene makes collection easy.

Other fruits and vegetables can be used in the extractor, too. Grapes, oranges, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots can all be used in a good juicer to obtain a tasty and nutritious beverage. During the holidays of Christmas Thanksgiving and Halloween, apple juice can be spiced up by adding cinnamon. Served hot, it turns a cold wintry day into a day of relaxation by the fire. Sparkling cider is delicious served hot on cold days, or served cold during the hot days of summer.

Whether your a fancier of Cortland, Winesap, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, or Gala apples, the flavors of different varieties can all be blended to produce a taste that is just right for anyone. These high tart and low sugar types make a tangy drink. The US Food and Drug Agency began regulating the production of cider more recently, but does not yet regulate home production. Either way, the juice will last longer if it is pasteurized, or frozen for storage.

The best apples to use for soft cider are apples that are tart, rather than sweet. A balance of tartness and sweetness is called subacid, and some people prefer the sweeter taste. Blending the juices by using a good cider recipe produces a more mellow drink. Because the maker can be furnished as an electric or manual screw press model, the user has choices.

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